Take care of “common home”

April 27, 2017

“I care”. Don Lorenzo Milani’s famous motto, “I am heartened”, suits perfectly the idea that our Foundation reserves not only for the reception and care of human fragility but also for the environment and nature. To have the health of the environment is to take care of that “common home” we are part of and share with other living things.

To preserve this “living home” is to make us responsible for its perennially threatened beauty: to guard it means therefore to be mindful of everyone’s well-being. Moreover, this “human ecology” is what it has to involve ourselves first and as a community. This is the underlying purpose of the Cosa River Water Project, promoted by the Frosinone School Network coordinated by Professor Patrizia Carfagna and Professor Matteo Affinito; A noble enterprise with scientific and social implications. Thanks to the President of Foundation, Tonino Boccadamo, it has been possible to purchase the materials needed for the chemical and biological analyzes and tests that will be conducted by the students. An opportunity to develop scientific skills and advanced training, including this among the values ​​that the Foundation intends to promote. The students will begin on March 29, their surveys, starting from the Schioppo falls, continuing in the sloping lift area, continuing to Fontana Tonica and ending at Pratillo. The study will end in May and will provide a detailed check on the state of health of the river What, as projected by the project, the coconut water stream becomes a resource and no longer a problem. “Nothing that is human is alien to me”; Paraphrasing the Latin author Terenzio, we could extend this truth to what we call the “environment”, the health and custody that everyone is concerned about.

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