Il Valore del Gioiello (The Value of Jewel), is a project that involves the opening of a Goldsmith School in Frosinone, for people with motor disabilities. The school teaches for free, the beautiful art of creating a real gem. The project is aimed at people with disabilities, from every part of Italy, and is intended for students who can take advantage of the use of both upper limbs. The objective of this commendable initiative is to enhance the quality of special students and open the way towards a future career for them. The courses have a duration of two months, with 12 people studying per shift (from a minimum number of 6 to a maximum number of 12 students) within the specially set up work space at the headquarters of Boccadamo. Throughout the duration of the course, students will be accommodated at a hotel near the school where, with the constant assistance of volunteers, they will be able to have a suitable and comfortable “holiday”.

Goal of Boccadamo Foundation is to realize a pool of professionals who can create working conditions in the manufacturing goldsmith field, and also fit them into special museum education courses for people with disabilities at the most prestigious Italian museums, in a perspective of international cooperation.